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Congratulations! | 2018 Service 1st Check Card Challenge Winners


Photo 1: (L-R) – Olivia Weltmer, Service 1st; Mary Jo Martin, Service 1st; Derek Y.; Tina Cupp, Service 1st; and Melyssa McHale, Service 1st.
Photo 2: (L-R) - Tim Sones, Service 1st; Sharon S.; and April Campbell, Service 1st.
Photo 3: (L-R) -  Missy Thomas, Service 1st; and Tyler H.

Last year, Service 1st held the 2018 Check Card Challenge and we are excited to announce our winners! From January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018, members who made qualified transactions were automatically entered to win up to $5,000, just for using their Service 1st Visa® Check Card!

In addition to the annual prizes, one monthly prize was awarded during each month of the Challenge. Members who made 20 or more qualified transactions using their Service 1st Visa® Check Card during a calendar month were automatically entered to win a $30 monthly prize!

The following individuals were our 2018 Check Card Challenge winners:

$5,000 prize winner: Derek Y. from New Columbia!
$3,000 prize winner: Sharon S. from Middleburg!
$2,000 prize winner: Tyler H. from Milton!

Congratulations Derek, Sharon, and Tyler!

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