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VISA® platinum credit builder credit card

A credit builder credit card from Service 1st is a great way for young adults to establish credit and practice managing credit in a safe and affordable program. Plus, a VISA® credit card is always a convenient and affordable way to make shopping, entertainment and travel purchases. Discover the true rewards of a low-rate card with no hidden fees or service charges!

When you use our VISA® platinum credit builder credit card, you’ll enjoy:

  • maximum credit line of $100
  • parent/guardian must cosign
  • APR (Annual Percentage Rate) based on parent/guardian credit score
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • no annual fee
  • no hidden charges
  • low minimum payment
  • convenience of cash advances through ATMs worldwide
  • emergency card replacement
  • balance transfer opportunity (transfer balances from high-interest cards to our low-interest card)
  • earn ScoreCard® bonus points for every net VISA® credit card dollar spent
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When the credit builder credit card has served it's purpose and a youth member has demonstrated they can make regular and timely payments, maintain steady employment, and meet Service 1st's normal age and credit criteria, they may be eligible for an increase to their line as well as the ability to manage their VISA® platinum credit card on their own.

lost or stolen card?
  • Call 1-800-325-3678 24/7 to have your card closed immediately*.
  • Contact us during normal business hours to have the card closed.

* It is preferred you call the 24/7 number listed above as your card can be disabled immediately. If you choose to contact the credit union directly first, more time lapses before your card is actually disabled and the chances of fraudulent activity increases.